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ESDN store is store Management System where you can manage your STORE / SUPER MART / SHOP business. You can keep records of every transactions, sales, purchases and reporting. ESDN store can keep all the data in front of your eyes. ESDN store have lots of modules where you can manage your store.


Admin Dashboard

Create store

Create User

Manage Language

Manage Backup

Email Templates

Sms Templates

Sms Api

Software Updates

Customer Dashboard

Sale Invoice

Sale Invoice Print

Sale Invoice List

Sale Report

Add Acount

Add Customer

Print Customer List

Add Supplier

Print Supplier List

Add Product

Add Expence

Print Expence List

Add Trasnfer

Credit Debit Entry

Create Receipt

Print Receipt

Print Receipt List

Account Ledger

Customer Ledger

Supplier Ledger

Store Setting

Supplier Purchases